StarBand high–speed satellite Internet service is available nationwide. Our broadband Internet options are great for customers seeking dramatically faster download speeds than dial–up.

StarBand's Affordable Broadband Service

Nova 500

Designed for customers that want a basic broadband Internet experience at a cost-effective price, Nova 500 is offered at StarBand’s lowest price points.

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How Satellite Internet Works

How Does It Work?

VSATs. Geosynchronous orbits. Hubs. What does it all mean? We explain the basics of satellite Internet here.

Satellite Internet 101
Bottom Curved Decoration

StarBand is a two–way, always–on, high–speed satellite Internet service that is available nationwide. Google Services

Introducing the new and improved Learn more.

StarBand Incorporates Google Apps

Become a Dealer

Become a StarBand DealerWith a leading commission structure in the industry, becoming a StarBand Dealer may be the right opportunity for you!

StarBand Computer

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