About StarBand Satellite Internet

Satellite InternetStarBand was the first to market with a two–way satellite broadband service for home users in 2000, and its expanded product line today serves a broad customer base. In 2005, StarBand was merged into the operations of Spacenet Inc., a leading provider of high-performance networking solutions for business, government and small business customers. Spacenet provides StarBand two-way, always-on, high-speed satellite Internet service to customers throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and several Caribbean and Central American countries. The latest line of StarBand services – Nova 500, Nova 1000 and Nova 1500 – offer reliable broadband satellite Internet with faster speeds than previous generations and value-added features for residential, SOHO, telecommuter and small business customers.

Founded in 1981, Spacenet offers enterprise-grade broadband services including satellite and wireline technologies and managed network services for multi-site organizations in North America. Spacenet offers a complete product and services portfolio for applications ranging from primary communications for corporate applications and secure data transfer, to hot stand-by solutions for continuity of operations and network backup, to field deployable solutions for disaster recovery and emergency management. Utilizing its nearly 30 years of industry leading experience, Spacenet serves more than 100,000 customer locations.

Spacenet is based in McLean, Virginia, and operates its own end–to–end services infrastructure including network management, field services and teleport facilities in McLean; Atlanta, Georgia; and Chicago, Illinois. Spacenet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (Nasdaq: GILT). Visit Spacenet at www.spacenet.com.

General Overview

StarBand is a two–way, always–on, high–speed satellite Internet service that is available nationwide, and it is great for customers seeking dramatically faster download speeds than dial-up. Starband offers several satellite broadband plans – Nova 500, Nova 1000 and Nova 1500 – with ISP services and value-added features including email accounts, web storage space, spam and virus filtering, access to the StarBand Member Portal, and 24x7 online support. Whether you need a basic Internet service for emailing friends and family, or a more robust Internet service to support everyday business activities, StarBand satellite Internet has you covered.

View the Southern Sky

Available virtually everywhere.

If you can see the southern sky – and 9 out of 10 homes can – you can get satellite Internet. Where DSL and cable can’t reach, StarBand is there.

Two Way Satellite Internet

Two–Way Access.

Save your phone for phone calls. The StarBand broadband service sends AND receives all your Internet and e-mail communications via satellite – no phone line required.

Fast Internet Access

High–Speed Internet Access.

Enjoy lightning fast download speeds. With StarBand satellite Internet, you can download files and e-mail messages up to 10 times faster than dial-up.

Always-On Connection

Always–On Connection.

Instantly go to where you want to go on the Internet. No need to reconnect every time you want to surf the web or check your e-mail with StarBand broadband Internet service.

No Dial-Up Delays

No Dial–Up Delays.

Experience freedom from the delays of dial–up and busy signals. StarBand satellite Internet instantly connects you to where you want to go on the Web without dial-up delay or disconnects.