What is a basic installation?

A basic installation typically includes the following:

It is an FCC requirement that a professional StarBand certified installer must install your system. Self-installations are NOT allowed. Because the dish antenna both receives from and transmits to the satellite, the installation must be very precise. If you are not a StarBand certified installer and you perform your own installation or even a portion of the installation, you will void any applicable installation and service warranty.

Click here for a listing of authorized StarBand partners that can provide you with an estimate. You should always request a written estimate from your authorized StarBand certified installer.

Note: Installing network software and hardware is outside the scope of a basic installation. Some authorized StarBand certified installers have the necessary skills to provide networking services and will provide you with a cost estimate for network setup.

Where will the antenna be mounted and what are my mounting options?

The placement of the StarBand equipment will vary depending on the home or building structure in which the system is installed. Three types of mounting options are available:

Note: Pole and non-penetrating mounts are sold separately by your StarBand installer.

What are the line of sight requirements for the StarBand antenna?

The dish antenna must have an unobstructed view of the satellite in order for the service to function, meaning that no buildings, trees, etc. can block the path between your antenna and the satellite.

How much will installation cost?

Standard installation is included with StarBundle purchases after a mail-in rebate is applied. See StarBundle Terms & Conditions for more details. For standard pricing options, installation prices are established by StarBand certified installers. If you purchase through a StarBand Dealer, ask for an estimate at the time of purchase. If you buy directly from StarBand, you will be presented with a StarBand Installation Partner Locator. Using your zip code, you will be able to identify authorized StarBand Installation Partners that you can select to install your StarBand service.

Who is responsible for licenses, permits, landlord approvals, etc. that may be required for the installation of my antenna?

StarBand operates under a general FCC license for the service. You are responsible for all local approvals, permits, landlord approvals, approvals from homeowners associations, etc. When the installer arrives on site, he or she will assume that you have secured any and all required permits, approvals, etc.

My Home Owner’s Association (HOA) won't allow a satellite dish to be installed at my home. Am I protected from this restriction?

Yes. The FCC has pre-empted Home Owners Association rules preventing the installation of satellite dishes. Please see FCC.gov for more details.